When you grow up a street-kid in Libertas, there are only so many ways fate can shape your life. Usually you spend your time as a pickpocket, a guide or a spotter. As you grow, you usually get recruited by The Shadow Dragons if you are talented, or you end up dead in a back alley.

As you outgrew your youth, you started having doubts about your future. Your best friend Ramzik, had gotten away from the streets by joining the Church of the Trickster and he was rising quickly through the ranks. Maybe there was a life outside the rooftops of Libertas.

Then you were approached by the ISN and recruited. You were shipped away to a secret location. You only know that you sailed west and it was on the coast about 3 days of sailing from Libertas.

As cover, you have been a deckhand on a merchant ship called the Red Seamaid. You have just completed your training and returned to Libertas about a week ago. You have spent the week catching up with your friend and other contacts, while preparing mentally for your first mission: to join The Shadow Dragons and rise in the ranks enough to be granted knowledge and access to the secret guildhouse.

Earlier tonight, you went to The Lusty Dwarf over in Whoretown in order to reacquaint yourself with Leira, an old “ladyfriend” of yours who waits tables there. As it turns out, she was very happy to see you, but unfortunately, she was now hitched to Marcus, another former streetkid with whom you have had many clashes over the years, and he was not the least happy to see you. You decided to go for a whore instead, and left Marcus and Leira with a snide remark about her settling for a lesser man. Not that you were interested in anything more than a roll in the hay, but you always really disliked Marcus. He never played fair and rarely had any restraint nor regards for others.

When you left The Lusty Dwarf, you were soon jumped in a back alley by two of his goons, who are now holding you, while Marcus is using your face and torso as a punching bag. Apparently he had even less of a sense of humour now than he did a couple of years ago.

Taming Libertas